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Abigail's Party

Jodie Prenger leads the cast in a brand-new production of this groundbreaking comedy classic! 

Beverley and husband Laurence are throwing a party for their newlywed neighbours, Tony and Angela.  Joining them is highly strung Susan whose been banished from the party of her teenage daughter Abigail.    Welcome to 1970’s suburbia and it’s heady mix of free-flowing cocktails, classic disco and cheese and pineapple sticks.  As tensions rise and tempers flare the sheen of respectability is torn away by the warring couples with hilarious and potentially disastrous consequences. 

Mike Leigh’s iconic Abigail’s Party is one of Britain’s most celebrated comedies; beloved by audiences, it thrills and delights in equal measure. 

‘One of the greatest plays about the human condition ever written’
The Guardian

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