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Fatal Attraction

 ‘Beautiful woman starts coming on to you in a bar? What would you do? What would any hot-blooded, heterosexual male do?’

Based on the Paramount Pictures Corporation motion picture, James’ Dearden’s intoxicating play, Fatal Attraction, brings the definitive 80s thriller to the UK stage.

Dan Gallagher had a happy life. He had everything he wanted. Family, career, a happy home. Who would want to throw all that away? But on one fateful night, at one New York bar- Dan meets the alluring Alex Forrest and makes a decision that will unknowingly change his life forever. After all, having dinner with someone isn’t a crime, right?

Tipped to be the most provocative stage-play of the year, Fatal Attraction is a tale of sabotage, seduction and suspense, and asks what happens when desire becomes dangerous?

Give into your temptation and book now for one-night you’ll never forget.

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