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Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse - Legends

Loadsamoney, the Old Gits, Smashie and Nicey, Kevin the Teenager, Julio Geordio, The Scoucers, The Writer and the Landlady, The Surgeons, to name but a few…

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse have been working together for 25 years. Now, for the first time ever, they will all appear live in a UK tour that promises to revive and revitalise a quarter of a century of classic comedy characters.  The tour starts in October this year and tickets for this moment in comedy history will go on sale on Monday 20th April at 9.00am.

What's happened to Kevin? Has Loadsamoney still got the dosh? Does Smashie still do a lot of good work for charity and love all the Lidl people?  Does Nicey still have his knighthood? Does Mr Cholmondley Warner think Women Know Their Limits? Aviva of 'em said to the other "Now I'm considerably richer than you?" 

Should Harry and Paul think again before embarking on this wonderful countrywide celebration of their legendary partnership? “Oi! Enfield! Whitehouse! No!”

Harry said: “We’ve wanted to put our TV characters into a live tour for a while and now seems the right time to get together and do this. We’ve never performed them live before, so we’re really looking forward to the tour.” (draft)

Paul said: “I'm really looking forward to performing the characters again and this time for a live audience. I hope the shows will bring back some great memories for both the audience and us.”

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