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Christmas 2018, see the UK premiere of this utterly unique retelling of a beloved family fairy-tale. Reimagined with lashings of magical mayhem, rocking music and supreme silliness; this is a ground-breaking theatrical spectacle that is anything but traditional.

Splendour at the visually stunning costumes, hyper-modern set and larger-than-life characters and delve into this alternative and fantastical world, fizzing with fun and laughs!

Although this show boasts oodles of style and entertainment, underneath these lavish exteriors lies a vital lesson for all on the price of greed, revenge and love triumphing hate. Spinning straw into gold may afford you a big house full of beautiful things, a wardrobe of designer clothes and a life of total luxury, but money, as they say, can’t buy you everything!

The exquisitely mercurial Australian singer and cabaret legend Paul Capsis stars as a shape-shifting imp whose thirst for vengeance may well undo him. He joins the team that brought you the award-winning Pinocchio, as they reinvent a new and equally fantastic fairy-tale, stamped with their unique brand of storytelling.

This clever, contemporary and culturally engaging show has something for the whole family seeking something delightfully different this winter. At the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre- book your RUMPELSTILTSKIN tickets today!

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