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Maidwell Marketing

Scotch & Soda

A squad of daredevil acrobats come face to face with a roguish jazz band. 

Prepare to be staggered by ludicrous physical feats and heady gypsy beats like you’ve never seen or heard before.

Knock back your drink and enter the fray for a vertigo-inducing lock-in of circus and jazz. With gravity-defying circus from some of Australia’s finest acrobats - with previous appearances including London Wonderground’s 2012 smash-hit Cantina, La Clique, Circa, Tom Tom Crew,; and music from the renowned Crusty Suitcase band, and their unique fusion of big band jazz, gypsy beats and soulful brass.

Captivating, debauched and down-right fun... it’s time you tried Scotch and Soda;
a cocktail of thrilling entertainment. 

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